Mercyview will RE-GATHER in an outside venue each Sunday in August at 6p, 4502 E. 29th St S. 

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Sundays at 10:00am

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Engage Your Heart 8/2/20


Engaging Your Heart for Worship

This is a weekly post to help those who gather with us on Sundays to engage in meaningful ways. 

We're gathering for worship Sundays in August at 6p on the grounds of the TMBN facility, 4502 E 29th St S. Join us for a simplified time of worship and the Word together in this outside venue. Brings chairs, water, and whatever is needed to make your family comfortable! 

We will continue to provide the sermon and song on livestream at our normal 10a at Facebook Live

Here is how you can engage your heart:

  1. Read through the provided text or consider the topic that will be preached on Sunday.
  2. Sing, listen or read through the song lyrics that we’ll be singing together and ask the Lord to deepen your understanding of Him through them. Get to know unknown songs or ask for a fresh view of old ones.
  3. Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to you and the gathered church in powerful ways. Pray for those who are serving this week and for the one who is preparing and preaching God’s Word.

Movement One: God is God and We are Not

Great Things, listen here.

Movement Two: We Approach God

O Come to the Altar, listen here.

Movement Three: God Instructs Us / 

This week: Short Story Long: Parables of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel / Luke 14:15-24

Movement Four: God Feeds Us

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, listen here.






























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