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The Why Behind Global Missions

Mission Month

Why should we participate in global missions as a church? Why should you as an indivudual care about the work of global missions? In this short article Pastoral Resident, Jacob Hicks unpacks the why behind global missions....

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How Do We Become Wise?


There is an entire section of biblical literature that we call “Wisdom Literature," replete with the admonition to "get wisdom." So, how do we actually become wise? Specifically, in a time when we are able to access more information and knowledge than any other generation in history - why does it seem that so much of our world has become more foolish?...

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Connecting in Community

Connecting in Community

What does it even mean to be connected? How does someone get and stay connected? How should we counsel those in our groups who approach us with this concern? ...

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Community as a Lifestyle

Blog Post Featured Image

What does it mean for you to have a “lifestyle?” What makes an event different from a lifestyle? In this post, we consider the difference between events and lifestyles and how to cultivate a lifestyle of community in our gospel communities....

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