We have returned to Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy at 2710 E 11th St on Sundays @ 10:30 am.

Sundays at 5:00pm

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What is Men's Scrum?

Mercyview's Men's Scrum offers regularly scheduled events that seek to teach Mercyview's men the critical nuances of biblical manhood. We desire the Scrum events to equip men with biblical principles and send them back into their life and sphere of influence; marriage, work, missional community, dgroup, etc.

What is a "Scrum"?

A Scrum is defined as “a method of restarting play in rugby that involves players packing closely together with their heads down and attempting to gain possession of the ball against the opposing team.” 

For our purposes, this picture fits because it highlights 3 important points:

  1. We are on a team – men struggle with relationships.  Research shows that the older men get, the harder creating and maintaining friendships become.  In a scrum, the players line up shoulder to shoulder, to work together to accomplish what they couldn’t do alone.
  2. We have a goal – the Bible is clear on its picture of manhood.  It is clear on God’s mission in the world and the role men are to play in it.  It’s a beautiful picture.  It’s an awesome, exciting calling.  Like the Apostle Paul, we want to run so as to win (1 Cor 9.24).  Let’s play to win!
  3. We have an enemy – our opponent isn’t another team trying to take away the ball and score against us.  Instead, he is compared to a roaring lion seeking to destroy us.  Supporting him in these efforts are our flesh, which wars against the Spirit, and the World which over and over again tries to redefine not only masculinity to truth and goodness, all of which results in corruption and death.

Because of this, we use the word “Scrum.”  We are gathering to support one another, to challenge one another as teammates.  We are gathering to gain clarity on our God-given, Biblical calling, our goal.  We are gathering to wage war against our flesh, the lies of the World, and the devil and his demons.  We are getting shoulder to shoulder to play so as to win!

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about Mercyview's Men's Scrum?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at info@mercyview.com



Header Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash