Christians have always faced the challenge of remaining distinct from the world. However, it feels like something new is happening among us culturally. The good news is that what’s happening in our world right now isn’t an obstacle but an opportunity for the church to rediscover its true identity as a royal priesthood, where we expect the kingdom of God to grow and fill the earth, like a mustard seed that grows to become the greatest tree in the garden. We want to engage in such a way that the leaven of the gospel kneads its way into the dough of human life and culture, bringing renewal and restoration.

In this new cultural moment, bearing faithful witness as a church means being resolved to obey God rather than man. It means being willing to speak the truth in love, while simultaneously being a people and a place where enthusiastic hospitality toward those on their journey out of the darkness of sin and into the light of God’s kingdom is on full display

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