Mercyview Youth

Mercyview Youth is currently not meeting but we desire to restart this ministry in the near future.

Our Vision: We want to create a place for student to be discipled through gospel centered worship*, gospel centered community, and gospel centered mission.

Our Goals: To give students a place to grow in their love and knowledge of God together, and in a way that is unique to their stage in life. To provide students with an increased opportunity to connect to the mission of God through fruitful service to the local church and their community and world. 

Our Rhythms

We want to implement our vision and accomplish our goals by intentionally creating three spaces for students to regularly engage with the Word of God, the community of saints, and the mission of the church. Those three spaces can be best described as:


We engage with the Word of God as we sing, as we pray, and as we hear the Word proclaimed. We will gather twice a month to do just that together. We will also give students an opportunity to be involved in this ministry of the Word through leading in singing, in prayer, and in time, perhaps through proclamation as well.


We are gathering anytime we come together for worship and for mission but we want to be intentional about the spaces where community is the focus. We  gather in small groups during each worship gathering to discuss the message and pray for one another’s needs. We create regular rhythms of life together with those in our small groups (coffee with leaders, group chats, etc.). And we make room to do something fun together two or three times a quarter.


We engage with the mission of the church primarily in two ways: 1) through serving the local church, which acts as the outpost for God’s mission in the world. Student involvement in areas of services on Sunday morning is a vital part of fulfilling the mission of the church, and 2) through participation in appropriate acts of service and evangelism to the world, starting in our community, and moving out into the rest of the world.