We have returned to Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy at 2710 E 11th St on Sundays @ 10:30 am.

Sundays at 5:00pm

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Equip Groups

What are Equip Groups? 

EQUIP Groups are opportunities for individuals in a group setting to dig deep into difficult and seldom-discussed areas of life.

These groups are more than just Bible study, and they are intentionally focused on 'life study'—connecting our life with Jesus’ life. They are a place where the gospel of God can intersect with areas of life that need to be seen as redeemed and reoriented through the finished work of Christ.

Each spring (February-April) offer two separate opportunities for diving into this intentional gospel application together. Topics can range from how we deal with fear/anxiety, walking in sexual purity, cultivating a healthy marriage, how the gospel connects to our work, and more.

If you are interested in being a part of an EQUIP group or for general information on them, contact us at info@mercyview.com.


Spring 2023 Equip Group

Christian Wisdom_Digital World

Our world is an increasingly online world. For most of us, there are very few “unplugged” moments in life - from sunrise to sunset we are always plugged into what is happening the world over through our phones, computers, and other “smart” devices. The irony is that the abundance of “smart” technology has helped push us away from wisdom and healthy interactions with one another and our technology as a whole.

In this equip group we will explore the ways that our technology is making us unwise and where we can find wisdom in the midst of the folly so often around us. Sign up and let us know you will be attending here!