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Internships are a twelve-month intensive discipleship program designed to equip individuals, both male and female, to be “launched” into the next season of their faith journey. This is done by shaping its participants through deep formation in four key components: 1) the gospel, 2) spiritual disciplines, 3) community, and 4) mission. Mercyview employs a three-fold approach to internships. First, there are monthly assignments that include memorizing Scripture, reading resources, completing assignments, and writing papers. Second, there is a learning community that meets monthly. The learning community is a time for all of the Launch participants to learn from one another and a moderator in a communal setting. Third, all participants will serve Mercyview in some capacity during their time in the internship.

Participants in the internship must currently be Mercyview partners or beginning the partnership process within the first two months of the track. If you are interested in being a part of this equipping track, contact us at