28 Christian Anthropology, Gospel Faithfulness, and Homosexuality

Mar 15, 2024

Trey and Brad are once again joined by Mercyview's other elder, Sean, for a conversation around last Sunday's sermon. They talk about the why of the series again, the place of anthropology in our hierarchy of theological issues, gospel faithfulness, and the issue of homosexuality in the culture and the church.

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In this episode:

0:00 - Introduction

1:20 - Again on why we are talking about this as a church, and the danger of being charged with “being known for what we are against instead of for.” 

7:30 - Fight? Really? 

9:00 - Anthropology and natural law reasons for our sexual ethic

16:10 - The trap of searching for respectability when we should speak clearly. Seeking God’s glory and radical hospitality.

21:00 - Being a refuge for those who come out of their sin, by being willing to be clear about what we believe. 

25:12 - Biblical and gospel faithfulness as a path toward being honest and clear in our words and deeds. 

28:05 - Don’t flatten out Jesus, as if his only posture is one of compassion, and not also the just judge of the world. 

30:10 - Returning to the sufficiency of Scripture for life and practice. 

36:25 - Mortifing sin together for the glory of God.

37:27 - Outro