Ideas for Missional Living During Advent

As we’ve been going through this Advent series, I’ve been thinking a lot about our witness and how we live on mission in cultural season like this. The challenge we’ve had over the past few months - to pray for opportunities to proclaim the gospel to two specific people in our daily life - has even more opportunity in this season.

During the Advent season, as we meditate together on our Lord’s coming and the peace that he has brought and will bring, we have prime opportunity to share the Gospel with the context immediately in front of us! I’ve been thinking about specific ways to enter conversations with those I know at work, and wanted to share just a few ideas with you.

Peace on Earth

How many of you ask or are asked what you’re doing for Christmas? I'm sure those conversations are happening often right now. Rather than giving the typical answers like, "Seeing family," "Celebrating with our kids," why not  go one step further.  Perhaps say something like you’re, "Celebrating what happened on the first Christmas," or "We're celebrating “peace on earth, good will to men.” 

That last one is likely to raise some brows isn't it? Peace on earth; considering the wars going on in the world right now "peace on earth" seems like you have your head in the sand. Yet, imagine where that conversation can go? Advent is the historical story of how the Prince of Peace came to earth on the first Christmas to bring an end to the war between us and God. This is where true peace begins; in our hearts.

Real Joy to the World

Another idea is to say, “This time of year people are often sad or depressed. How is it for you?” Listen to them, then share a time when you’ve also felt sadness. But then ask, “Can I share with you what brings me deep peace and joy?”

What the world needs now is Peace from the only one who can bring it, the Prince of Peace. Let’s joyfully bring these glad tidings to the world. They’re for all people, beginning with the ones we are closest to.
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