Mission Moment - December 2024

On Sunday, November 26th we had the joy of hearing from Haley Ticer during our monthly Mission Moment as well as during an after-church luncheon. Haley is a partner at Mercyview who has been serving refugees in the *Sensitive Region* for the past four years.

Haley shared with us stories of God's bountiful grace in the *Sensitive Region*. One specific evidence of grace is the unshakeable faith and boldness of the Body of Christ in an environment that is hostile to the Gospel. She also shared numerous examples of God directly revealing himself to individuals through His Word, the witness of His people, and through dreams about Jesus.

During her time on furlough the Lord made it clear to Haley that He is not leading her to return to the *Sensitive Region*. He has been so kind as to clearly direct a new avenue for Haley to serve refugees and share the hope of the Gospel.

Haley plans to join the Campbells in Oldham, England where she will serve on staff at Oldham Bethel Church. Oldham has a high refugee Muslim population and there are many kingdom opportunities here! She will join with Jim and Laura and other brothers and sisters at Oldham Bethel in seeking to show the love of Christ & share the hope of the Gospel through evangelism and discipleship.

It has been a prayer at Mercyview that more partners would be sent from Mercyview to join the work in Oldham, and we are excited to see how the Lord will lead in the months and years to come!

Lord willing, Haley plans to move to Oldham in March of 2024. Please be praying for her rest and preparation in the months ahead, and for the visa process to go smoothly.
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