Mission Moment - November 2024

Reminders on Missional Living

One of the ways in which we are called to be a missional church is through evangelism. In response to our recent sermon series, Go + Tell we have been encouraged to pray for two individuals in our lives with whom we can share the gospel. This past month, one of our partners, Lauren Jones shared an example from her life in how she has been praying for individuals and how she engaged in a spiritual conversation at her work.

Lauren mentioned that one of the people she worked with was dealing with his anger toward God but Lauren embodying 1 Peter 3:15, was able to give a defense for the hope that she has in Christ. This led to Lauren sharing a fuller picture of what the gospel is and how it addresses the anger we sometimes feel toward God.

I am encouraged by how Lauren is taking advantage of the opportunities that the Lord is placing in her path and it teaches that when we pray for opportunities the Lord delights in providing them.

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